Mr Anirban Gupta - Dean

Mr Anirban Gupta who creates brands of niche and elite hospitality property, Focusing on sales and Customer wow service factor, aggressive on sales, training the people to take out best ability, Creating new beverages /cuisines and retaining authentic cuisines ,dishes which creates a market of all segment and generation, Training, costing, pricing.
He is Specialist In all “HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS, AND MANAGEMENT” Hotels / Food and Beverage operations, Malls, Different Units of specialized, multi cuisine Fine Dining Restaurant Chains, quick service restaurants, Coffee Shops and cafes, large scale Banquets and Events( 2500-3000pax), Night Clubs/ discos, Events, operating smoothly And In creative, Innovative And Profitable Way . Also specializes in corporate Menu Planning, SOP Making, Budgeting, Costing, Brand building, Sales and Marketing, training, Creating Food Festivals In Pan Indian And World Cuisine.


16 Yrs As a General Manager/ F and B Director / In Hotels And Restaurant Industry And Last 9 Yrs As “Hospitality Director “ heading PCTE Group of Hospitality division and heading the hotel management college(IHM) and Travel and Tourism colleges a Dean, both 4 yrs course.
1.Handling Pcte Corporate Hospitality And Tourism(Hospitality operations, Fine Dining Restaurants, Coffee shop, Large scale Banquets, World class events And Outdoor catering, Menu planning, HOSPITALITY AUDIT, Housekeeping operations and Laundry.
Roles & Responsbilities:
  1. Creating and training – f and b, Looking after overall operations and Administration, sales and marketing ,training – all level, Costing, Annual Budgeting, Creating SOP in( F and B Service, Production, front office, housekeeping, ,
  2. Menu Planning, designing and execution and brand building,
  3. Creating new events and new world class food beverage/ cuisines Which Can be a part of development in world Culinary Industry.
  4. Running The organization In Most Practical And Global Way, Imparting Best Realistic Training To hotel management Students / Staffs Of All Levels. Developing Hi Level Of Communication, skills, management, and Grooming, Among Students And Faculties.
  5. Training The Trainer In F And B Service And Production, In Indian Cuisine Of All States And World Cuisine( Curries Which Are Unknown)And World Cuisine.( Training In-house Staff and Other 5 Star Hotels Manager And Chefs)
  6. Other routine jobs Administration, Maintenance, Facility management, Costing, budgeting, Store and Purchase Standardization, Recruitment.
  7. Heading The Commercial PCTE Hospitality Division And Tourism Division Of Fine dining Restaurants, large scale Banquets, world class events, food festivals, quick service restaurants, café ,Bakeries And Out Door Caterings. Developing new Products.
  8. Annual Budgeting And Sales.

Roles & Responsibilities in Industry :

  1. Worked As A General Manager, In Top Chains Of Hotels And Restaurants. 22 Yrs Of Work Experience From Opening Of Hotels, F And B Outlets( Fine Dining Restaurants, Qsr,CoffeeShops,Night Clubs Etc), And Making Them As Profit Sector.
  2. Worked As A General Manager In An Italian Fine dining Restaurant Chain, “Fire And Ice as Corporate General Manager (India And Nepal)For 2 Yrs 2011-13 Dec.(Kolkata)Fire And Ice Is One of 1st The Italian Owned Hi End Italian Restaurant Chains In India.
  3. Worked as Asst F and B manager , In The Park Hotel Kolkata.(5 Star Deluxe)2009-2011
  4. Worked In Hotel Lindsay, Kolkata As “Food And Beverage Manager “and Sales AND Marketing Director.(2007-2009.)Kolkata
  5. Worked As A Food And Beverage Manager with Kookie Jar India,(Dabur India group of fine dining restro bars, cafes and outdoor catering)2005-2007 , Kolkata
  6. Worked With Specialty Restaurant Chains( Mainland China/ Oh Calcutta brand) As A Restaurant Manager(2003-2005)Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai
  7. Worked With Satya Group Of Hotels, Manthan As a General Manager, Kolkata, 2003
  8. Worked with ITC and Sheraton towers as Guest service supervisor in F and B


  • Masters in Hospitality– MaduraiKamraj University (2017)
  • Diploma in Hotel Management– International Institute Of Advanced Studies, Kolkata (1998)
  • Bachelor’s of Arts– Madurai Kamraj University


  1. 1.Awarded best hospitality culinary trainer, India in 2018.
2.Holder of several limca book and India book of Records for creating innovation in food and Beverage
2016 – Created A New Global Cuisine “The Green Cuisine” Food That Can Heal Diseases After Research Work( A Blend Of Rich Delicacies Of The World With Super Foods) (Invented And Launched A New Cuisine, First Time In Hospitality Sector “The Green Cuisine”. This Cuisine Is Being Developed Is About Super Health Foods Combined With Rich Delicacies Of The World Like
  • Cream Soup Of Sarson Ka Saag(mustard greens) With Makai(corn) steamed
  • Croissant,
  • Steamed MurgMatarKakab- steamed chicken and super green kebabs,
  • Karela Gosht Dum Biryani,
  • Pesto( Tulsi) MalaiMurg,
  • Broccoli Alma Halwa,
  • -Spinach Gateau To Name A Few)-
3.2017- Created “The Pink Cuisine” A Cuisine Created From Fresh Edible Flowers, For The 1 st Time In The World. This Cuisine / dishes Was Developed After Keeping In Mind Generation Next Culinary Skills.
4.2018- Created The “ Blue Cuisine- Cuisino Royale, EXOTIC CUISINES OF THE INDIAN KINGS) Recreating The Age Old Lost Recipes Of Lost Cuisines Of Royal Cuisines Of India.”Cuisine Royale”- Showcased On March 2018. Ne Ranges Of INDIAN heritage cuisine of MOGHULS like Akbar Gharan Shammi Kebabs( Pan fried minced kebabs– Baigan (aubergines and chillies Mirch, Karela badam( bitter gould and almond), Paneer matar( cottag cheese and peas), HariyaliShammi( Made From Mixed Greens/Saag), Lason Murgh ( garlic chicken), lamb Etc . The Age Old Qubooli Biryani (ric and meat Stuffed Inside A Flour Dough And Baked In Pit Oven, EXOTIC and New Gravy Made– A Lost Cuisine Of Patiala Maharaj and othe royal kings Lasooni Kheer( dessert made from garlic) Doodh Ke Samosa Gosht Halwa( sweet dish made from lamb paste) Etc
5.National Record In 2018( India Book Of Records) – 115 Types Of Mojitos Cocktails / Mocktails.
6. Created 100 Types Of Different Halwas- HOUSE OF HALWAS( A Traditional Exotic Sweet Dessert) 2019, like mutton halwa, broccoli halwa etc
7. Created In 2019, A Revival And Slow Cuisine Movement, cooking on stones, different galouti kebabs.
8.Won Best Hospitality Creative Award. Won best f and b, food and beverage researcher and developer.
9.Bharat Ki Khoj Paratha Bhoj:- National Record Of Making 1241 Different Varieties Of Parathas Made From, Different Indian Spices Fruits,Nuts,Vegetables,Non Veg, Sweet Items,Diary Etc.
10.World Record Of , 270 Dishes From 28 States And Union Territories, Indian Biggest Thali In 2019.( Limca Book Of Records 2021)
11.In 2020 Launched the Hidden Gems of India- The Tribal Cuisine Of India, Hidden cuisines of Tribal of India, On 12 th March 2020. Different dishes of rural cuisines.
12. In 2021 created and Launched Cafiesta- 114 different variations of coffee made first time world beverage industry. “CAFE WHICH YOU CAN EAT ALSO”
13. In 2022- white cuisine, dishes of british raj in INDIA.
14. In 2023 ,limca book of records, 400 different types of Golgappe And many more in retail curries – 10 Types of canned curries ,ready to eat.
15.Author of the book –“ THE SUPER IMMUNITY KITCHEN” – a book on immunity along with more than 300 recipes of health food from all Indian and World
Cuisine, available in Amazon.
16.Member BOS, PTU Board Of Studies, Hotel management and travel and tourism, In Punjab Technical University.