Nurturing students into leaders since 2000

The PCTE Entrepreneurship cell is a vibrant hub dedicated to nurturing nascent entrepreneurs. We furnish our ambitious students with the necessary opportunities to turn their innovative ideas into reality. PCTE’s fully functional incubation cell, recognized by Startup Cell, Punjab & the Institute of Innovation under the Ministry of Education of India, delivers comprehensive training and knowledge at every crucial phase of the entrepreneurial journey—from idea conception to securing project funding.

Key programs at the PCTE Incubation Center include:

  1. Orientation and Motivation
  2. Opportunity Assessment
  3. Kickstarting the Entrepreneurial Campus
  4. Business Planning Workshops
  5. From Prototype to Commercialization
  6. Market Analytics
  7. Managing Entrepreneurship Finance
  8. Local Social Entrepreneurship

Successfully evolving entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

Our Entrepreneurship cell hosts a diverse range of activities, including:

  1. Three-day Idea Generation Boot Camps
  2. Inspirational sessions with startup leaders, termed “Share My Story”
  3. Startup Registration Workshops
  4. Workshops on Startup Taxation and GST
  5. Business Plan Presentations and Competitions.
  6. Collaborative Workshops with government agencies such as NSIC and the Ministry of MSME.
  7. Patent Filing and IPR Workshops

To date, four PCTE-hatched startups have been selected for the angel funding.


Our startups have achieved commendable success:

  1. CREDMATE: Secured funding worth 1 crore from Horses Stable, India’s Leading Business Reality Show aired on MX Player and Good News Today.
  2. MAD CHEF: Granted 17 Lakhs by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare.
  3. NAPPADS SOLUTIONS LTD.: Recognized as one of the top 5 ideas in Udyami Utsav (NITI Aayog), a finalist for a seed funding round at Advitiya IIT Ropar, and awarded a grant of Rs. 5 Lakhs from the Punjab Agri Business Standard incubator funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare.
  4. MEAL BELL LTD.: Awarded a grant of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs plus incentives under the Launch Pad Program of IIT Ropar.
  5. IM PUNJAB INNOVATION MISSION: Winners from the Fashion Designing Department and BCom Department received the 1st prize along with a cash prize worth Rs. 50,000.

competition held at IIT Ropar. PCTE also currently hosts six startup incubatees.