Literary Club

The Literary club is a forum where highly talented and creative minds get a chance to let their vices flow, express their thoughts and share something exciting. All through the year, the club organizes a number of events like Business, political and sports quizzes, British parliamentary debate, JAM, Group discussions, extempore etc.

The founding of literary club produced a platform conducive for nurturing such talents in today’s students of technology. For all those who know that the “pen is mightier than the sword”, this is very well their arena. Talents are to be shown, not to be hidden. Some of the most successful and crowd pulling events in the institute were organized under the literary club such as the Parliamentary debates, Group discussion, movie mania, Just a minute, treasure hunt, and so forth. The club represents the college in various national level events and has bagged various accolades in these competitions.

The club is also responsible for organizing the most prestigious event in the institutes, the national level debating competition, Dr. DR Singh Memorial BP Debate.

The club helps students develop solid thinking skills, examine why they believe what they believe, and learn to locate the values, worldview & assumptions behind positions expressed by others. The club works throughout the year to benefit students in the realms of writing and speaking by conducting events that are both instructional and enjoyable.

Year Long Calendar:


    • Debate
    • Group Discussion
    • Essay Writing Competition
    • Just-a-Minute
    • Movie Mania
    • Extempore
    • Turncoat

Dumb Charades

Some of the major activities of the club include:

-Turncoat in August 2010
-Organizing literary events in Koshish, Turf and Ehsaas
-Organising Dr. DR Memorial BP Debate

Events conducted:
Movie mania – 25 March

A sneak Peak into some moments from Dr. DR Memorial Debate

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