SWAP is India’s first of its kind student-run mutual fund. It stands for “Students Welfare Association of PCTE”. SWAP is a society of students, duly registered with the Registrar of societies and firms. It was conceptualized with the objective of providing future managers with a launch pad to enhance their learning through the experience of managing a real investment portfolio.

SWAP consists of a team of elected individuals passionate about investing in capital markets. The fund invests on behalf of the PCTE student community and encourages students to look out for opportunities, believing that investing is as much an art as a science.

SWAP is organized in three functional groups i.e. Investment, Accounts, and Database tracking group, with six students’ executives and faculty members in each functional group. Extensive research is undertaken to unearth undervalued and potentially profitable opportunities and every investment proposal is discussed threadbare and subjected to rigorous analysis during the investment meeting. The fund in the past has generated impressive returns to investors by employing innovative ideas to investing.

All the students of MBA and PGDM courses pool in Rs.1000 each, out of which the investments are made. The profits earned by the funds are used by the students and the losses if any, are borne by the college. The contribution made by the students is returned to them at the time of passing out. The fund management team organizes real-time stock picking competitions during the academic year.

The activity aims to open new avenues for learning the intricacies of investment management by taking real investment decisions.