PCTE Activity Club

PCTE Activity Club (PAC) was framed in the month of August 2011. The basic objective to frame this club was to streamline the different types of activities being conducted by the students of PCTE. PAC provides a common platform where all the cultural, literary, & fine arts events together take pace and help the students for their overall development and to get confidence to do better in their life. Some of the activities being managed by PAC are listed below:

Voice of PCTE:

This competition is conducted every semester. Any number of students from each class can participate into this. This event has two rounds-Preliminary Round and Final Round. Through preliminary round 10 to 15 singers are shortlisted. Finally “Voice of PCTE” is selected from the short-listed singers.

Duet Singing Competition:

Duet singing competition is being held twice in a year. This helps the students to develop team spirit among them. Students make teams to participate into the event. The teams can be of a Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, and Boy/Girl. Any numbers of participants are allowed from each class. Both students need not be from the same class. Song can be in Hindi, Punjabi or English. Judgment is made on the basis of Sur, Taal and Co-ordination.

Ghazal Concert

The soul of legendary Ghazal Maestro, Jagjit Singh, may have departed, but his music will always live on forever in our hearts. Jagjit Singh was an artist with many dimensions – singer, writer, composer, music director, activist and a philanthropist. PCTE commemorate him and his remarkable work and celebrated a Ghazal Concert in his loving memory to pay tribute to him.

Antakshri Competition:

This Antakshri Competition is being organized twice in a year. This is best example of team spirit, presence of mind and of performance on the spot. Each team consists of three participants. Any numbers of teams from each class are allowed to participate.


It is a solo dance competition. Students participate in this event with great enthusiasm and energy. It is a great showcase of talent. As many students from each class can participate into this. The final results are made on the basic on performance, dance track and dresses.

Fresher’s/ Farewell Parties:

Fresher’s parties are being organized every year. There are different parties for different streams like BCA, BBA, B. Pharmacy, B.Sc.(Bio Tech.), HMCT, B.Sc. (ATHM), MBA, PGDM, MCA, M.Sc. IT etc. Fashion Show, Bhangra, Gidda, Western Dance Fun Games and dance on DJ tracks are the main attractions of these parties.

Lohri Celebration:

Lohri is a harvest festival and is celebrated in the land of Punjab. Students of PCTE celebrate this festival with a great passion. On this day, they light a bonfire. Students offer rewaries, sugar-candy, popcorn, gur, etc to the bonfire and sing and dance around it. Students wear colorful and bright clothes and perform Bhangra and Gidda on the beats of Dhol. Kite flying competition is also organized to add more colors to the festival.

Kite Flying Competition:

This Event is being organized every year on the eve of Lohri. Any number of students can participate from each class. Students bring their own kites and threads for the competition. Kite which survives till the end of the competition is declared as winner. Students do dance on DJ tracks and enjoy peanuts, Gachak and other sweets.

Recreational Tours:

This is all time favorite activity. Students are always very much enthusiastic to go on the tours. Students enjoy their recreational tours and at the same time they learn how to be a part of a group. This helps them to get exposure in their life and teach them to enjoy each and every moment of life.

Slow Bike Race Competition:

This is a very creative competition. Normally we have competition to run fast to lead others but this is exactly opposite to this. One has to drive the bike so slow that others can lead him/her. Any numbers of students from each class can participate in this event. There is a special competition among faculty members also.

Turban Tying Competition:

Sikhs around the world wear a dastar – or turban – as an article of faith, symbolizing the values of discipline, honesty, integrity, ethics, spirituality and humility. PCTE Activity Club organizes this competition to promote this cultural heritage. One team consists of two participants and any number of teams are allowed from each class.

Mehndi Competition

In this event students participate in the form of teams. One team consists of two participants and multiple teams from each class can participate in the competitions. Boys are also allowed to participate in this. 40 minutes are given to complete the performance and results are declared on the basis of design and finishing of the mehndi.

One Act Play:

One act play is an annual activity. Multiple students from different classes participate in this activity. Time limit to perform the play is 25 to 30 minutes. Various social problems are highlighted through this medium.

Teacher Day Celebration:

A teacher is someone who teaches the finer aspects of life to students. A teacher is someone who encourages the students to live each day to their potential and find good in everything they see and grooms them in a way so that they can achieve best in their lives. Students celebrate teacher day to show respect to their teachers.

Collage Making Competition:

A very creative event of Fine Arts category. Students make a collage on a particular theme. They bring news papers, magazines and related material to make collage. Theme for the collage is given on the spot. This activity helps the students to develop their creative skills and also enhance their ability to perform better.

Turn Coat:

This is an important activity in literary category. This helps the students to boost their confidence and speak well on the public platform. Any numbers of participants are allowed from each class. Each participant is given a topic through a slip. Four minutes are given to each participant to think about the topic. The participants have to speak on the topic for four minutes. For the first two minutes the participant speaks for the topic, and for the next two minutes against the topic.

Poetry Competition:

This is very creative event organized by Literary Club of PCTE. We have a talented and quickly growing community of writers here at PCTE. By organizing this kind of competition at PCTE, we try to help them in enhancing their capabilities. Any number of students can participate in this event. Theme is given on the spot and a time of one hour is given to write down some poetry and finally they present it in front of others.


This event is organized by literary club of the college. This really helps the student to improve their communication. Any number of students from each class can participate in the event. Each participant picks up a slip on which a topic is mentioned and speaks on the topic for 2 minutes. The person who completes 2 minutes is considered for the prize.


Any number of teams can participate in the event. A team consists of 2 participants. Time allowed is 90 seconds. One person describes the object given to him through a slip and the other tries to draw that object on the board. The participants are not allowed to see each other during the game play. Explanation is allowed only in terms of geometric figures viz. lines, squares, triangle, circle, hexagons etc. The person who guesses can make any number of guesses and the other can say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ or ‘OF-SORTS’ only. In case of no guesses a penalty of 30 seconds is imposed.