Music Club

PCTE Music Club is a group of students who Celebrate Music. With over 250 members in this club, one thing that binds them all together is their passion for Music. The various activities that are organized by the Music Club include “VOICE OF PCTE (Hunt for the Singing Sensation) i.e held every semester and lots of students participate in it, Music Club also organizes a Musical Evening dedicated to some Legend or Celebrity of Music Industry in which not only our college students participate but some local music enthusiasts also volunteer.

PCTE Music Club also has a Fusion Band named “Rhythm Rockers” which frequently performs at various college events and festivals. Not only some good vocalists are part of this band but Rhythm Rockers also has some very fine musicians that add up to the harmony of this band and take the concerts to the next level. The members of the Music Club keep on bringing in new ideas and melodies for which the students collaborate and make some new songs. Students of this club frequently meet each other over weekly club meetings where they plan some new events and gigs thereafter students coordinate and help each other so that the things go as per the plan.

Events organized

1. Voice of PCTE (Hunt for the Singing Sensation)
2. Band Performance in Koshish (Rhythm Rockers)

Upcoming Events

1. Musical Evening (Jagjit Singh)
2. World Music Festival


Here are some of the glimpses of the music club 

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