International Students Week

International Student’s Sports Week

Teams of each nation participate and compete for the title in sporting tournament of Soccor, Basketball & Volleyball.

International Student’s Week:

Day 1

A Heritage Trip followed by Lunch at Ethnic Restaurant, Haveli, Ludhiana

Day 2:

Criss Cross Activity

Students will be divided into groups. Each group will have homies from different nations. The group has to deliver a presentation on a given theme.

Day 3:

Global Village: International Booths

Students organize their native booths. Display of Culture, Flag & Native commodities along with Information about the country and Tattoo Making marks the day.

Day 4:

International Culinary Fest

Students cook their native meal and do a food display.

Day 5:

Holi Celebrations

Students celebrate the festival of colors along music and dance.

Day 6:

Grand Finalle

Students perform Traditional Dances, Musical Performances, Choreography of Nations, Traditional Costume Fashion Show followed by formal lunch.