Facilities at HM and BMS-ATH

Facilities at Hotel Management &  BMS(ATH) College:

  • Banquet Hall

The lavish Banquet affords 300-guest gathering for conferences, conclaves, product launches, corporate meets and theme parties.

PCTE Banquet Hall

  • Front Desk

Hotel Management block is build into a mock hotel.At Front Desk students deal with guest or visitors on regular basis & handle incoming and outgoing calls.

Front Desk PCTE


  • Bakery and Confectionery

Commercial bakery which gives a first hand experience in production of bakery and confectionery product such as various Kinds of cakes, cookies, chocolate making etc.

PCTE Bakery


  • Model Guest Room

Model Guest Room offers students to undergo hands on practice on room making for a five star hotel.

Model Guest Room

  • Basic Training Kitchen

Basic Training kitchen provides hands on training for the chefs  in making

Basic Kitchen Training

  • Advance Training Kitchen

Here International cuisines are taught ranging from Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.

Advanced Training Kitchen copy

  • Quantity Training Kitchen

Students prepare in bulk quantity during the practicals. This kitchen is also used to prepare food during Freshers, Farewell and other parties which cater to 300-400 people.

Quantity Training Kitchen

  • Laundry

Training and technical know how and handling of laundry machines.


  • Housekeeping Lab

Here demonstration is provided on various chemicals,equipment’s used in Housekeeping

House Keeping Lab

  • Training Restaurant- Indian Angeethi

Indian Angeethi is a 60 cover training restaurant offering rich Punjabi cuisine lunch buffet daily teaching students intricacies & techniques of Food Service.