DR Memorial Debate

DR Memorial Debate

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“It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it.”

-Joseph Joubert

Nothing whets the zeal of a debater like the fray of parliamentary debating. A perfect amalgam of ideas, facts, propositions and confutations, it is the platform for the exchange and expansion of well informed ideas and views.

PCTE initiated the British Parliamentary Debate in the country. The format gives one ample opportunity as a debater to gain wide perspectives, use large knowledge base and be able to debate from multiple perspectives. BP Debate gauges a flair of debating as well as cognitive and cohesive arguments founded on a clear understanding of the motion and conviction to support or oppose it. BP debate allows the student to apply both communication skills and knowledge while debating. In addition, it encourages the student to think on two feet and find solutions proactively.

Dr. D R S Memorial British Parliamentary Debate

The National Level mega event is conducted by PCTE since last six years. Teams from various corners of the country participate in the event. The event is organized in association with Ludhiana Management Association. Prize money of Rs.1,00,000 is given to the winning team and a total cash prize of Rs.1,50,000 is presented in one of the most challenging debate competitions.

Teams not only from the country but also from Pakistan participate in the weeklong event. 46 teams participated in the event this year, of which some are:

  • Iqra University, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • FMS, Delhi
  • NLSU, Bangalore
  • RMNLU, Lucknow
  • ICFAI, Dehradun
  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
  • CNLU, Patna
  • EDII, Ahmendabad

and many more………..

The BP debate is followed by PCTEians via Inter-Class competition held at campus during Koshish and around the year.

Important Details of the Event

Cash prizes worth Rs. 1,50,000 to take away!!!

1st Prize Rs.1 Lakh
2nd Prize Rs. 25,000/-
3rd Prize Rs. 10,000/-
Quarter Finalists Rs. 3000/- (to each team)

Please indicate your institution’s interest in participation by sending us an email to literary@pcte.edu.in.

You will receive an acknowledgment of your registration via e-mail within 24 hours.

We look forward to see your institution participating at “Dr. D R Singh Memorial British Parliamentary Debate.”

In supporting the motion, the Government/Proposition carries out the following functions:

  • Defining the motion;
  • Constructing a positive case in favour of the motion;
  • Providing substantive materials and arguments in support of the case;
  • Responding to any challenges made to the case made by the Opposition.
  • Opposition

In negating/opposing the motion, the Opposition carries out the following functions:

  • Responding to the Government’s definition.
  • Constructing a case in opposition to the motion.
  • Providing substantive material and arguments in support of the opposition case.
  • Responding to the arguments delivered by the Government.

For any other information please feel free to contact:

Write to us : info@pcte.edu.in, 0161-2888-500/600.

visit:  http://pcte.edu.in/drmemorial. for further details.