CSR Club

CSR is a club which works towards helping the poor and needy people.Various activities have been planned in this semester.Members of this club took an initiative towards helping the society.

During last semester following activities were planned and conducted:

  1. Gift a Smile – It was conducted in August in which we collected donations of Clothes, Footwear and Toys to be donated to the needy. We made a tie up with Nishkam Sewa Ashram and donated to them.
  2. Share a Bit: 18th Sept, 2015 – In this we got list of specific requirements of food items from Niskam Old age home and Shishu Kender. We accepted donations of food items and after collection gave it to the NGO.
  3. Teachings in School – It was a week long activity wherein our Volunteers who wanted to teach went to various schools’s in Villages and of Nishkam Sewa Ashram and taught their students.

Following activities have been planned this semester:

  1. Share a Bit – As this activity was huge success last year as well so we are planning it to do with Mother Teresa Charity NGO this time. It will be conducted in March 2nd Week tentatively.


A sneak peak into the activity  “Gift a Smile” conducted by CSR club.

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