The department is having excellent faculty who imparts not only technical know how about the subject matter but also encourages students to develop their personalities having outstanding communication skills. This is done through their involvement in delivering the presentations (at least five per semester amounting to total of 30 in six semesters). In addition they are supported with industrial exposure where they learn different processes at industrial scale that many a times different than laboratory operations. The renowned faculty from different institutions is invited to give exposure to students in the form of guest lectures. To enhance their physical ability and strength, they are persuaded to participate in various games and athletic events. Above all they are encouraged to participate in debates, group discussion, extempore, literary, stage presentation and many more events organized in the form of youth festival popularly known as KOSHISH.

Various activities conducted are :

Consumer Hub


Consumer Hub






Guest Lectures

In spite of the fact that the students are provided updated theoretical background and laboratory practices, the eminent faculty from the leading institutions and industries around, are invited to impart advanced knowledge in the form of guest lectures to the students.


Guest Lecture by Dr. RS Sethi

Guest Lecture by Dr. RS Sethi

Guest Lecture by Dr. G Soni

Guest Lecture by Dr. G Soni







Biotechnology is a science having an integral part of different industries. Therefore, besides teaching various aspects of industrial processing, students are taken to industrial venues to see the actual processing, quality control and packaging of the products. This indeed would enhance their aptitudes towards practical aspects of the subjects.

bonn verka






Water Testing Activity:

The purity of water is of prime importance keeping in view the general health and vigour of students, faculty and other person working in an organisation like PCTE.

The department of Biotechnology is already monitoring the quality of water provided at each floor of all the buildings of Campus I & II as well as boys and girls hostel, including the samples received from students and faculty.

Lately bacteriological testing has been initiated and hopefully it will be a regular practice from Jan 2017.






Swachh Campus:

PCTE is having a lush green campus with sprawling lawn decorated with flowering and ornamental plants. In addition, the classrooms are neat and clean and have state-of-the-art infrastructure.  This is the result of strenuous activity undertaken by this department, even well before the honourable Prime Minister persuaded the citizens of India for “SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN”.

The department organises Swachh Campus activity involving all the classes of PCTE along with their class in charges.

Swachh campus had yielded enormous success for which PCTE is proud of.

Recreational tours:

rishikesh shimla










Biotechnology department has decided to monitor the quality of water in Baddowal village. The department will also help the villagers from time to time to advise them on this issue regularly.

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