Tally Certification: Students during 5th Semester gets trained on Tally Software which is widely used in accounting all over the world. This will enable them to understand practically how accounts are being maintained by all the firms.

 Filling Income Tax Return: During 4th Semester every students gets trained on how to fill an E Return. They compulsorily have to file a return during the semester. The purpose is to enable them to learn how returns are filed so that in future they can file their returns by themselves.

Industrial Visit: Every class goes on Visit in the local industry once a semester for full day. They get hands on experience of how big industrial units work and what are the different techniques adopted by them for betterment of the company.

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Guest Lectures: Students gets trained by various Guest speakers which come from time to time during every semester. Guest lecturers are invited from field of Accounting and Banking so as they can provide practical inputs about the field.

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