PCTE’s foreign students enjoy at fresher’s party

PCTE’s foreign students enjoy at fresher’s party

Ludhiana, November 11, 2016: It was an evening filled with games and music in which PCTE’s foreign students enjoyed to their best in a Fresher’s Party organised in its campus here today. Students from various countries attended the party and interacted with other students and faculty under one roof.

The evening started with a presentation on Libya country by a foreign student named Nagah Bascal. It was followed by a couple of games, dance performances, singing and a fashion show. Foreign students danced on Bhutanses and Afghanese themes etc.

Chimmi, a student of ATHM said, “It was a very entertaining evening organised. We enjoyed a lot and i have too performed. It’s a relax booster for us before our final exams.”

Mahmoud, an MBA student from Syria expressed, “I am here in the campus since two years and never felt like that I am away from my home. Yes, i do miss my family there but then PCTE has provided such a warm ambience, for instance this Fresher’s Party. We’ve enjoyed a lot.”

Being a diversified campus, PCTE has been able to provide education to the students from 36 countries, including 9 new countries added this year namely Libya, Bangladesh and Indonesia etc.

Dr. KNS Kang, Director General said, “The evening was organised so that these international students would feel like home and interact with each other. We’re trying our best to bring students around the world closer and help them to understand the mix of different cultures which will eventually stregthen their base for working in multinational companies.”